Essential Supplements for Menopause


Helps prevent osteoporosis and other bone problems, as well as hot flashes.

Sources:  Almond, Amaranth, Chickweed, Comfrey, Dandelion, Greens Dark-green leafy vegetables (broccoli, chard, kale, mustard greens, spinach, and turnip greens), Horsetail, Nettle, Oatstraw, Seaweed (hizike, kelp, and wakame), Sesame seeds, sesame products, Watercress, Yogurt and other cultured milk products

Dong quai

A wonderful herb for the female system; used in the treatment of almost every gynecological ailment.

A powerful uterine tonic and hormonal regulator. Excellent for the circulatory system and also high in minerals, especially iron.

Sources: Root


It is one of the most revered herbs for the reproductive system. Shatavari tones, cleanses, nourishes, and strengthens the female reproductive organs and traditionally is used to treat premenstrual syndrome, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, menopause, and pelvic inflammatory diseases such as endometriosis. It improves the health of the ovaries and uterus. Shatavari is a rejuvenating herb that cools the body and strengthens and nourishes the tissues. Traditionally used to maintain the healthy production of female hormones, Shatavari may be translated as “100 spouses.

Sources: Root


An excellent tonic herb. Slowly and surly builds life force; is excellent for long term deficiencies and imbalances. Produces a steady flow of grounded, well-balanced energy and aids in the elimination of mood swings and depression.

Sources: Root


Essential for robust health and high energy. Keeps the blood oxygen-rich. Iron deficiency leads to exhaustion, fatigue and stress.

Sources: Alfalfa, apricots, beets, and beet greens, blackstrap molasses, bran, cereal grains (especially oat), comfrey, eggs,

Floradix Iron+ herbs (available at most natural food stores), nettle, horsetail, parsley, raisins, seaweeds, spinach, sunflower seeds, tofu, watercress, wheat germ, whole grains, and yellow dock root.


By weight 55 to 70 percent protein. Also contains concentrated amounts of B vitamins (helpful for preventing degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis).

Sources: Powder or tablets

Vitamin E

A wonderful nutrient for the reproductive system and a specific remedy for hot flashes, muscle cramps, and vaginal dryness.

Sources: Whole grains, cold press oils, dark green leafy vegetables, bee pollen, and some nuts. Supplements are often recommended during menopause. Caution: those with diabetes, rheumatic heart or high blood pressure should not exceed 50 I.U. of vitamin E daily without consulting a health care practitioner.

DISCLAIMER: This is strictly for educational use only. Not to be considered medical advice

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